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    You are expected to:
    1、Be the legal person, individual operator or natural person who has the legitimate business qualification;
    2、Have a good credit, a long-term vision of brand building and the practical market operation ability;
    3、Have a strong market expanding and operating ability;
    4、Have an enough financial support;
    5、Have good and stable sales channels and sound market networks;


    consulting → project negotiation → joining application → qualification examination → contract signing → location selecting → store designing → personnel training → business instruction

    Market Support

         Boder wallpaper has established a set of service system to provide an all-round support for our dealers. It ensures the good operation of their market and the efficient conduct of their sales activities.

          We will provide a sound market support for you:
    1、Market Protection
      Dealers within a specific area can enjoy the right of sole agency and have enough room for operation and profit margin.
    2、Brand Image
      We will provide dealers with the VI image design system and the operation instruction that they need for terminal display and publicity.
    3、Business Instruction
       When the new store opens, the sales staff of our company will give some on-site instructions on the opening and media publicity.
    4、Management Training
       We will regularly organize trainings for dealers, sales staff and installation staff to improve their service level and enhance dealers’ soft power.
    5、Promotion Policy
       We will launch a variety of promotional activities in due course, allowing operators to have advantages over competitors in the fierce market competition.
       We will have promotional advertizing activities on brand and product according to the market changes and the company’s overall strategy. With the referral to the specific regional demands of dealers, we will also have a joint cooperation with them on the seasonal promotion and specific marketing activities.