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    Copy planner [1 people]
    Job description: 1, responsible for the company's product promotion and brand promotion work;
    2, write related planning reports, product promotion plan, advertising materials and other copies;
    3, responsible for enterprise brand websites, WeChat public platform, SMS platform updates and maintenance
    4, responsible for the corporate culture of Journal Editing
    5. Organize and plan promotion activities and dealer meetings.
    Job requirements: 1. College degree or above, major in marketing, advertising, Chinese or other related major is preferred;
    2, with good writing skills
    3 、 active thinking, wide knowledge, sense of responsibility and team spirit;

    Designer [2 people]
    1: College of textile art / Art Deco / illustrations design graduate or above, with good aesthetic and artistic accomplishment, love wallpaper design;
    2: strong creativity and hand-painted skills, painting, painting, painting priority;
    3: wallpaper design experience is preferred;
    4: skilled operation of CAD/3DMAX/PHOTOSHOP/COREDREW and other design software;
    5: salary negotiable, job seekers can also be reflected in the salary in your resume; 6: social insurance, accommodation.