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    "Eagle plan - the first Guangdong Phoenix wallpaper Co., Ltd. gold medal sales team special training


      In January 23, 2015, with a grand awards salute music and sound, a period of nearly two months of "Eagle plan -- the first Guangdong Phoenix wallpaper Company Limited gold sales team training camp" success in meeting the company headquarters room. Company chairman, director of operations, director of sales, marketing director, production center director, management departments of all departments attended the ceremony. The activities of the participants including Phoenix brand sales team, sales team and sea beauty brand Bao Leicester brand sales team, the success of this event held means the company's management and personnel system construction to a new level.

     The special training camp is the background of the rapid development in Guangdong Phoenix wallpaper Co. company under the expansion, through comprehensive training and learning, show good spirit, faith, confidence, increase the sales business backbone of a full range of business operation ability, strengthen the sales team cooperation spirit and service consciousness. The first-class enterprise needs first-class talents and first-class team as the support, and the rapid growth of the business has put forward higher requirements for the comprehensive ability of each sales manager. The special training activities carried out smoothly, completed the business team from traditional sales to three-dimensional marketing changes.
        Special training camp activities are carried out by team PK, so as to fully stimulate the potential of sales staff and achieve the goal of improving professional knowledge and speech ability. The events are rich and varied, including: marketing, curriculum training, construction skills training, military training, eloquence drills, professional knowledge examination, speech contest and so on. The whole activity process is warm, the rhythm is close and brilliant, and the students are constantly improved and promoted in their study.
        The special training camp, each sales staff are full of spirit, high morale, enthusiasm and enthusiasm into the team, to contribute to the team strength, solidarity, for the championship and go all out!

    Marketing Course Training

        "Marketing training courses" section by the company director Xie Min sales and Marketing Director Wen Yong served as speaker, the humorous language and plain case, the knowledge of the industry and product knowledge to explain the wonderful, full of wit and humour, we offer a sumptuous feast of knowledge. At the same time, he also hired a senior lecturer in the training industry to do the course sharing for the students, and the wonderful speech won enthusiastic applause.

    Military Training

        The "military training" program lasts one week, and closed training is carried out throughout the process. Seven days, the company's sales elite live in the barracks, dressed in uniforms, military style to ask themselves, to spur themselves. Kicking goose, Military Boxing, training, climb the graduation wall scenes pictures seemed visible before the eyes. In the process of training the sales team unity and sharing, mutual aid, there have been a sweat, there have been tears, there have been failures depressed, also have the joy of success. Through this military training, the whole sales team's cooperation spirit and sense of play have been greatly improved.

    Eloquence Drill

        The purpose of "eloquence drill" is to improve the interpersonal communication ability and speech presentation ability of the sales staff. He is the keynote speaker of the company's marketing director Mr. Wen Yong and marketing manager Chen wei. The course system and vivid explanation of the system arouse the enthusiasm of the participants and participate in them. They all rush to speak on the stage. At the end of the course, every salesperson has benefited a lot and greatly trained his eloquence.

    Professional Knowledge Test

        At the end of all training sessions, the company conducts a professional examination on the sales team. Every salesperson who takes part in the examination should review carefully and be well prepared without any slack. Professional knowledge examination is not only a summary of past work skills, but also a test of the new market situation. After the continuous accumulation and study, all the sales team in the professional knowledge of the examination has achieved excellent results.

    Speech Contest

        "Speech contest" is the last part and the most exciting part of the whole training camp, which determines the winning or losing of the competition between teams. The speech contest is the theme of "I and Phoenix's story", the 12 players participate in the finals to prepare, whole-heartedly, will occur in their little Phoenix wallpaper company to us meanders, caused a strong resonance of the audience, prolonged applause.

    Junction Camp

        The closing ceremony, the chairman of the company Mr. Dong Haoyang summed up in the General Assembly speech, excellent performance to all sales elite to work hard and get warm congratulations on all sales team will be training into actual productivity, continue to provide more quality services to customers at the same time, the development of the company to express good wishes, and awarded honorary certificates and trophies to the winning students.

        So far, the first Guangdong Phoenix wallpaper Co., Ltd. gold medal sales team special training camp successfully concluded! After building the special training camp, the whole team spirit is full of vitality, and take on an altogether new aspect, team cohesion, service execution consciousness be greatly improved. Although the end of the activity, but also affected the activity continues, every one of the company's sales of the elite are in a development of the company's mission, hard work ahead, forge ahead, to improve the attitude and spirit of never giving up, open the next journey!
        Let us look forward to the next exciting!